Full moon dance

Every full moon Bette, Lisa and Sif will take a group of women into urban nature. In 3 hours we will take you on a journey into yourself with full consciousness of the moon, your own body and the world around you. We will dance outside in a nearby park/urban nature and listen to the trees. All to celebrate our existence!


We will form a circle, share from our hearts and heal ourselves and each other through music, movement and connection.

Bette, Lisa and Sif will accompany us with instruments and voice into meditation and dance to go within ourselves and find our connection to each other.



This is a journey inward and outward we will end with a traditional cake and wine ceremony in celebration of the full moon.


When: every full moon

monday 24th september – wednesday 24th october – thursday 22th november

What time: 19 hour – 23 hour

Where: we are looking for a location and will keep you posted.

Cost: a free donation depending on your budget, up from € 20

What to bring: comfortable clothes and maybe a cushion to sit comfortable


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